• Communication
    Max Height Limit

    Regulations only allow a 4 story building. Marine improvise and overcome! They built this tower that is...

  • Deployment
    On Target?

    Old machine gunner, new equipment! 240 G-B Are you on target? Or are you awol with your...

  • Communication
    The Backbone

    The C-130, the back bone of your war and mine for troops, supplies and munitions. A planning...

  • Fanning The Flame
    You Won’t Believe This!

    “I could have used these on my honeymoon!” -Phil

  • Anger
    Flying Straight and Level?

    Take offs and landings are safer when not operating under stress, anger, fear and guilt.

  • Substance Abuse
    Command Tower

    Marine Command Tower. Are you on course to fly clear of the enemy? Of the incoming ordinance...

  • Leading Your Family
    They Call Me Dad

    A marine unmanned aircraft is an effective tool of combat! But an absentee father is ineffective in...

  • Stress
    Handling Stress

    “You can only go as fast as your engine will take you.”

  • Military Family
    The Military Family

    Marine Harrier Jet. A fighter is only as good as its ground crew and Pilot!

  • Leadership
    USMC Mag 14 Leadership

    Presentation to the leadership of USMC Mag 14

DNA Military also provides opportunities for collaborative support and service networks to be formed in and around military installations comprised of professional counselors, nonprofit organizations, psychologists, supportive pastors and churches and retired chaplains.

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